Public Speaking Masterclass is a hit!

Over the weekend, the Centre for Theatre and Performance conducted an exclusive masterclass to assist with the sometimes very stressful act of public speaking.

It was a hugely popular workshop attended by a large number of Monash students – past & present – who felt they could benefit from specific and tailor-made tips as to how to prepare for a function, meeting, or interview or give a class, hold a room, or conduct a presentation.

The masterclass aimed to help with relaxation, projection, pace, breath, microphone technique, pitch, emphasis, engagement, presence and general control & quality of voice – something we could all benefit from!

It was presented by CTP’s Associate Professor Jane Montgomery Griffiths and Senior Lecturer Felix Nobis and participants were engrossed all day with a number of dynamic and inter-active sessions, which covered key components of rhetoric, oration, conviction and presence and all in a fun, creative, supportive environment.

It was a very successful day, both from a CTP perspective (playing host to so many engaged participants) and from the participants perspective (who each felt they got something out of the day)

There was some fantastic feedback from participants – see what some of them said:-