New Interdisciplinary BEOWULF Unit

CTP announces an exciting new unit!

ATS2beowulf_cotton_ms_vitellius_a_xv_f-_132r271 Beowulf: an Interdisciplinary Approach looks at this dynamic and inspiring medieval poem from a range of directions:

  • As historical document 
  • As poetic text
  • As linguistic challenge
  • As performance act

Staff members from across the Arts Faculty will be teaching into this unique unit to offer a learning experience as diverse as it is inspiring!

Prof Constant Mews, Prof Kate Burridge, Dr Kathleen Neal, Dr Peter Groves,  and unit-coordinator Dr Felix Nobis are amongst the staff who will be sharing their unique insights into this poem and its translations. 

This unit  contributes to the following areas of study:

Literary studies

Note this unit will be taught every second year and is open to 2nd and 3rd year students. 

For more information and to find out how this unit can contrinute to your degree see

or contact unit coordinator Felix Nobis <>bw