Premiere of New Australian Play

Boy out of the Country Image 1Congratulations to CTP Staff Member Dr. Felix Nobis whose new play ‘Boy out of the Country’ received rave reviews for its premiere season:

“A play infused with the vitality of Aussie Idiom and melodrama that crackles with understatement and wit”   (THE AGE)

“The story develops like a watercolour painting, adding depth and colour in subtle layers that slowly reveal a more intricate picture in a wholly gratifying way. It is sharp, canny and astute, but it is also very funny”    (AUSTRALIAN STAGE)

“Touching, funny, raw, bittersweet, the play is at once uniquely Australian and thematically universal”  (AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW)

“A play that welds together the theatrical with the literary, leaving you lost in your own imagination”   (ARTSHUB)

“Fuses high drama with laugh out loud comedy”  (THEATRE PEOPLE)

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