New Australian Musicals being created @ CTP

One of Monash CTP’s Musical Theatre artists-in-residence, Andrew Strano, chats to Arts Hub about musical theatre in Australia.

In the interview he highlights the importance of the Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance and Monash University Academy of Performing Arts upcoming production this year, ‘Jack of Two Trades’, as part of our Musical Theatre unit, in how it can help to change the Australian music theatre landscape.

Andrew emphasised the creation of a solid foundation for musical theatre creatives to build from, saying ‘what we need isn’t “the next big Australian musical” what we need are the next 1,457 Australian musicals. You need a foundation for the pyramid.

‘If we’re lucky and we all keep at it long enough, maybe one of them is great,’ he concluded.

He said that the work Monash University and the Pratt Foundation are doing together is a great kick-start for that, so here’s to our Music Theatre unit helping to create the foundations of musical theatre in OZ.

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Promo pic above from Jack of Two Trades – a new Australian musical by Andrew Strano and Lucy O’Brien as part of the Monash University Musical Theatre program