Monash Meets Malthouse ‘When can an artist reply to a critic?’



The Centre for Theatre and Performance at Monash University presented ‘Monash Meets Malthouse’ panel discussion between sessions of Wild Bore on Saturday afternoon.

‘Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post what it feels about dogs.’  – John Osborne on theatre critics.

To coincide with Wild Bore, in this Monash Meets Malthouse panel, the dogs ask the lamp-posts and the lamp-posts ask the dogs!

The panel consisted of:-

  • Alison Croggon (former theatre critic for The Australian, ABC, The Guardian and
  • Richard Watts (Artshub editor, RRR host, arts journalist and critic)
  • Cameron Woodhead (theatre critic of The Age)
  • Fleur Kilpatrick (playwright, broadcaster, critic and artistic coordinator of Monash University Academy of Performing Arts Theatre program)   for a light-hearted (and possibly sometimes heated) conversation to discuss what are the limits of criticism and when can an artist reply to a critic.

The Q& A session was chaired by Head of Monash’s Centre for Theatre and Performance, playwright and actor, Associate Professor Jane Montgomery Griffiths, (who is no stranger to replying to critics herself – *cough* Antigone 2015!)

The discussion was looking at what the limits are of criticism and when can an artist reply to a critic, if ever!

It was fun, informative, just a little bit contentious, and it shone a light (albeit it a halogen street lamp one) on the puddles theatre critics leave behind!

Why don’t you check-out the podcast from the event to listen for yourself the questions and the responses on this contentious topic:-