Monash-Malthouse Internships working

What’s it like to be an Intern at Malthouse and work on…
‘The Real & Imagined History of The Elephant Man’?

That was the question we wanted to know and one of our Monash CTP students James Malcher was able to answer it, as he has been doing his Internship with The Malthouse in the capacity of Directing, and has been working on this incredible production

And with the production now up on stage, we thought it was a good time to find out what it was like working on such an extraordinary show

Please let us introduce James Malcher….

What show have you been working on as part of your Internship with Malthouse? 
I’ve been working on ‘The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man’, written by Tom Wright and directed by Matt Lutton

What was your role? 
My role as part of my Monash Internship was as a Directing placement. Essentially to observe the process and learn everything I could from a directing perspective.

How many hours p/wk have you been putting in? 
My hours were 10am-6pm five days a week and usually a half day on Saturday for the first four weeks, then we would often go 10am-10pm for prod week.
I had to get at least 144 hours of interning for my Arts Internship unit, but I would say I would have gotten at least 160 over the roughly five week period.

What has been the best part of this Internship? 
Being able to have access to and watch people whose work I really admire, like Matt Lutton, Tom Wright, Marg Horwell and then meeting and getting to know all of the performers.

What has been the most challenging? 
The most challenging thing was probably getting used to the observational role and then figuring out how to get the most out of the Internship. It was a case of getting used to going for long periods of time just watching and still staying switched on and present enough to be able to pick up on the little things that can make a production better.

Why should people go to see this production? 
There’s a lot of dialogue around disability and accessibility at the moment and this piece will be a huge part of that discussion. Disabled actor and advocate Daniel Monks is in the lead role and does a phenomenal job.
Also the production is fantastic – by one of the best directors in Australia at the moment.

Any tips on succeeding in this industry? 
Ask for things, you’ll never know if you don’t and the worst someone will say is no.

So sounds like it’s been a long, challenging but rewarding and amazing five weeks for James working on this production at the Malthouse Theatre as part of his Internship, but an experience he would never forget.

Also sounds like everyone needs to go and check-out this production while you still can!!

The production runs until 27th August.

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