Monash at Malthouse: Panel Discussion ‘Meme Girls’

The second Monash Panel Discussion uses Meme Girls as a starting point to discuss post-gender expression in the YouTube age

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Why is there so much discomfort when the binaries of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ begin to blur? Does the idea of gender as a performance constrain or liberate?


This panel brings together experts on the performativity of gender to ask whether Simone de Beauvoir’s 65-year-old claim that ‘one is not born, but rather becomes a woman’ remains – or was ever – true. We will be looking at Ash Flanders and Stephen Nicolazzo’s Meme Girls and discussing the creation of identity, the changing playing fields of sex and relationships and the effect of social media on our self-perception.

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Panel guests include Dr Anna Poletti (Centre for the Book, Monash University), Professor Julie Rak’s (University of Alberta), Laura Vitis (School of Social Sciences, Monash), Stephen Nicolazzo – Director Meme Girls and artistic director of Little Ones Theatre company

“The rise of social media means that people have the ability to meticulously invent their own image in ways never before possible. Ash Flanders takes this as a jumping off point for an hysterical examination of identity and the fluidity of gender. ” – Marion Potts

Download the recording of the panel discussion here (MP3, 31MB)

Meme Girls photos

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