Mahabharata Module

 All staff and students are welcome to attend 2 lectures on Mahabharata presented by our esteemed guest, Professor Vanashree of BHU. 

Wednesday 29th March    1 – 2pm

Wednesday 5th April          1 – 2pm

Drama Theatre, Performing Arts Building, 55 Scenic Blvd


In preparation to these lectures please view the following 


If you are unfamiliar with the work you may also wish to read this introduction 


If you have some spare time you may wish to view this 5 and half hour version of Brook’s production 


Please take time to look over the script 

Professor Vanashree’s 1st  Lecture recording here  

Professor Vanashree’s power points here Mahabharata.pptx 27th today

Professor Vanasheree’s 2nd Lecture recording here

Profesor Vanashtree’s 2nd powerpoints here