In tune with the (medieval) times

Hamish Gould, Fiona Nicolson and lecturer Felix Nobis (image Kara Rasmanis)

Music students Hamish Gould and Fiona Nicolson dropped in on CTP’s first year Performance in Context lecture to sing the 10th century St Gall Quem Quaeritis trope for students of medieval theatre.  “It was a great opportunity for the students to hear this early medieval trope” said unit coordinator Felix Nobis. “In many ways, the trope contributes to the revival of a theatrical tradition in medieval Europe”. First year students were delighted with the way the performance brought the text to life.  “It was brilliant” said Diane, “it was like, yeah, it really did happen”.

First year students at the Centre for Theatre and Performance are introduced to a range of performance traditions from Ancient Greek, medieval European, Elizabethan,  Restoration, as well as modern and post-modern traditions. ATS1287 and ATS1288 Performance in Context I and II are Gateway units into CTP’s Theatre degree.