Monash at the Malthouse: ‘Nothing to Lose’

Nothing to Lose: The Panel Discussion

Photos from "Nothing to Lose"

Welcome the podcast of the Centre for Theatre and Performance’s first panel discussion around areas of public interest arising from theatre works programmed at Malthouse in 2015.

NothingtoLoose1The catalyst for this first discussion was Nothing to Lose, a dance work choreographed by Force Majeure’s Kate Champion and fat activist & dancer, Kelli Jean Drinkwater.

In launching this series, it is the aim of the Centre of Theatre and Performance to forge a new space for public intellectuals to share their thoughts and work in an accessible way for audiences and the artist communities.

Download the recording of the panel discussion here (MP3, 49.2MB)

This first conversation featured thinkers from Monash University in the disciplines of Gender Studies, Theatre and Performance: Dr Yana Taylor (moderator), Dr JaneMaree Maher, Dr Claire Tanner and Dr Jodie McNeilly as well as Artistic Associate of Nothing to Lose, Kelli Jean Drinkwater. This lively and penetrating discussion took place on Sunday, March 15th in The Bagging Room of the Malthouse theatre.

Photos from "Nothing to Lose" panel discussion

Here is some background on those involved in the conversation for listeners.

Kelli Jean Drinkwater is an artist, filmmaker and activist recognized internationally for her work in radical body politics. Her work is concerned with deconstructing limited representations of bigger bodies and to encourage fat positive visibility. She has worked as a plus-sized model. In her arts practice she uses confrontational humor and irony to give audiences a first hand insight into living as a fat person, while simultaneously creating complex and empowered images of people of size. Kelli Jean is artistic associate and key collaborator in the making of Nothing to Lose.

Dr JaneMaree Maher is Associate Professor in the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research in the School of Social Sciences, Monash. Director of the Social and Political Sciences Graduate Research Program, an expert on women’s work, family and body image in the family dynamic. Her current research is on childhood obesity and how neo-liberal discourses of health and consumption impact on the relationships between mothers and children. Her many publications include co-authoring Consuming Families: Buying, making, producing family life in the 21st century & Vanity: 21st Century Selves

Dr Claire Tanner is a feminist, health sociologist, dog lover and new Mum of a 4 month old, Research Fellow in Sociology in at Monash and Co-director of the Health in Society Research Network (HiSNet), an interdisciplinary program dedicated to understanding health and illness experiences in their social context. Claire’s doctoral research focused on the gendered politics of visual culture at the turn of the 20th century and the links between representations of women’s bodies and campaigns for women’s suffrage. Alongside JaneMaree Maher and Suzanne Fraser she co-authored Vanity: 21st Century Selves. Her recent work has involved a focus on consumption and health in diverse areas: from unproven stem cell treatments to childhood obesity and is currently working on an ARC funded research project on supported care and mental illness.

Dr Jodie McNeilly has wide experience as a performer, choreographer and producer for numerous companies across Australia. A specialist in performance philosophy and the aesthetics of choreography, and is currently lecturing in the Centre for Theatre and Performance at Monash and has been a regular contributor writing about dance over the last decade for the national contemporary arts magazine, RealTime.

Dr Yana Taylor (Moderator) is a performer/maker, researcher and dramaturg with long interest in movement. She was a core artist in Sydney’s version 1.0, devising and performing since 2000. Her final work with version 1.0 was The Disappearances Project. Recently she was dramaturg on Hello, Goodbye, Happy Birthday, directed by Ros Oades at Malthouse Theatre. She is currently a lecturer in performance in the Centre for Theatre and Performance.

Thanks to all those came on the day for your contributions.
Moderator: Yana Taylor