Emma Valente gets a GRAA nod for Cain and Abel

Monash CTP is proud to announce that one of our lecturers for the unit ‘Making Performance’, Emma Valente (of The Rabble fame), has been nominated for a prestigious GreenRoom Award – Melbourne’s premier peer-presented professional performing arts industry awards

Emma has scored the nomination in the ‘Lighting Design’ category for her exceptional lighting design work on the production ‘Cain and Abel’ with THE RABBLE and The SUBSTATION

Cain and Abel received rave reviews, including this one from aussietheatre.com:

‘…director and lighting designer Emma Valente makes it sparkle and change like it’s a living swarm, and dares us to gasp at its beauty as it falls on the clots and floods of red’.

If you saw this production you will know exactly what they are talking about! Exquisite and insidious in equal measure!

On behalf of the CTP cohort, congratulations to Emma on her 2016 GreenRoom Award nomination