Dr Jane Griffiths at the Malthouse

Frank-rehearsal-2Head of CTP Dr Jane Montgomery Griffiths returns to the Malthouse Theatre in The Rabble’s adaptation of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein / is Mary Shelley’s gothic novel adapted for a world that was once unimaginable – one in which life can be conceived in a laboratory instead of a womb.

Doctor Frankenstein is a childless woman, a scientist obsessed with becoming a mother. One night she succeeds in her experiments and sparks life into a monstrous creature – a miraculous conception. Has Frankenstein taken things too far, to a place
where the violent need to procreate has upset the balance of nature itself?

Looking back to a classic to see into the future, THE RABBLE’s mutated tale / transcends nature.

Warning: Recommended for people 18 years and over. Some audience members may find the content confronting. Frankenstein contains nudity, graphic imagery, sexualised content, violence, adult themes, horror themes, coarse language, strobe effects, smoke effects and loud noises. But remember, fortune favours the brave.

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