DEATH MATCH actor Aleeah Gabriel talks success, failure, ambition

Monash CTP’s incredible 3rd year production Death Match opened last night at the Malthouse Theatre to rapturous applause from the packed house

This incredible show from Director: Katrina Cornwell and Writer: Morgan Rose, where actors push themselves to their limits as they attempt to succeed in increasingly violent rounds of gruelling physical trial. Real sweat, real adrenaline, real success and real failure in front of an audience of spectators.

We caught-up with one of the hard-working performers, Aleeah Gabriel , for a quick chat yesterday before she headed into lock-down for last night’s stunning performance

Here’s what she had to say about Death Match:-

Can you tell us in your own words a little about Death Match?
Death Match is about success, failure and ambition. The event unfolds within the world of a sporting arena where actors give their all to become THE winner. The show is structured into rounds, and within each round people are eliminated. The greatest thing about Death Match is that the elimination order is not set. It’s a real competition and anyone can win.

What have you loved about doing Death Match?
I’ve loved the physical nature of the show! I remember in our very first rehearsal I felt an overwhelming sense of of worry that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with the others. About a month later I was really reaching and felt a massive difference in my strength and stamina. I think mentality goes a long way when it comes to achieving in a show like this, and ‘competing’ suddenly became fun and almost second nature.

What has been the most challenging part to this production?
The most difficult part has been to avoid attaching an excess of character to our parts – we are all playing a version of ourselves, so our characterisation is literally our own. We’ve had to embrace acting as ourselves and keeping it natural.

How have you grown as a performer after this process?
I definitely believe I’ve become more open when it comes to creating within a team. I’m more willing to share my own experiences and memories, good or bad.

Why should people come to see Death Match?
It’s very moving in an energetic way, and it’s a uniquely edgy style of theatre. Death Match can’t help but encourage spectators to tap into their own versions of success and failure as they watch the performers experience those feelings genuinely and live. 
In no way is Death Match predictable – it will surprise you with every chance it gets.

In just 3 words, how would you describe Death Match to those who don’t know it?
Stirring. Hungry. Hopeful.

Sounds phenomenal? Well it is – it is funny, gruelling, sweaty, no holds barred theatre that is a must-see

Death Match runs through until 7th October – be sure to grab your ticket before they sell out!

Director: Katrina Cornwell
Writer: Morgan Rose
Assistant director: Cody Baldwin
Stage manager: Charlotte Armstrong
Lighting designer: Georgie Wolfe
Sound designer: James Walker
Set designer: Grace Ulrich
Costume designer: Amy Porter

Stephen Amos
Rebecca Catalano
Elly D’Arcy
Aleeah Gabriel
Earl Marrows
Ursula Searle

The Coopers Malthouse, Tower Theatre
113 Sturt Street, Southbank

Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September: 7pm
Tuesday 3 October to Saturday 7 October: 7.00pm
Tickets- $10-$22