CTP’s new Summer unit a success

Over the course of the Summer break, lecturers from the CTP ran a new unit, Professional and Academic Presentation Skills, for the first time, for a large number of students from a range of faculties across Monash – and it was a great success!

This unit was taught in a short number of dynamic and interactive sessions, whereby students participated in learning practices and activities directly concerned with presentation skills as practiced in academic and professional environments.

They were also introduced to key performance presentation concepts and given the opportunity to practice and develop associated skills through facilitated workshops.

The unit approached the study and enhancement of presentation skills in three specific ways:
* Oral presentation
* Physicality and Presence
* Role Playing and Teamwork

It was also in a fun, creative, supportive and encouraging environment so that students could enjoy this well-run unit

Congratulations to the CTP staff who all contributed to this in some way and here’s to future success with this unit.


‘I liked the diversity of the assignments, such as a solo oral, group presentation and technology based assessment. This is because I feel like these presentation modes are all relevant and something that many of us will encounter during our studies and careers’.

‘I think starting each day with the group warm up was really good. It allowed everyone to bond and get comfortable around each other as well as warming up’.

‘The unit was conducted in an extremely professional way and all of the teachers involved were incredibly friendly, respectful and also enjoyable to work with’.