CTP staff and students collaborate on Palgrave publication

Picture1Congratulations to CTP staff members Stuart Grant and Jodie McNeilly along with postgraduate student Maeva Veerapen who have co-edited a new book  Performance and Temporalisation: Time Happens published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Performance and Temporalisation features a diverse collection of scholars and artists gathered from across performance studies, philosophy, architecture, film and new media studies writing of a moment when time happens. The volume offers different accounts of the coming forth of time as it shapes, and is shaped, by human experience. Whether drawing, designing, watching performance, being baptised, digitally mediated, playing cricket, dancing, eating, walking or looking at caves, each author proposes their own conception and doing of time that underlies and activates their art making, scholarship and everyday lives. These essays engage with several philosophical traditions in their discourse and practice, offering multiple perspectives on the temporalised dimensions of place, space, bodies, movement, language, reality, subjectivity, identity, transcendence, world and other. As a new contribution to the discipline of Performance Philosophy, the book elucidates philosophical problems through a range of performative practices while clarifying philosophical thinking for the understanding of performance.