CTP PhD candidate ” pushes the boundaries of spoken word and performance poetry”

photo: Terry Doran

Poet and CTP PhD candidate Kerry Loughrey has been praised for her performance research investigation titled ‘What is a Poem Worth?” (La Mama Theatre). The Production was directed by CTP Affiliate staff member Dr. Alison Richards.

On the ArtsHub website Amelia Swam wrote: “Loughrey’s personal charisma as a performer, the simple and stunning lighting and design of the show and the understated but mighty presence of her fellow performers made for a very complete aural and visual experience in the small theatre of La Mama. The traditional theatrical set up, with the audience tiered up looking at the stage, was made fresh and direct by Loughrey’s gusto and eye contact. Her fluidity of speech, dexterity of mind and huge reservoir of memory reminded me that poetry belongs as much to the orator as to the writer”

Read the full review here: http://performing.artshub.com.au/news-article/reviews/performing-arts/amelia-swan/what-is-a-poem-worth-249281