CTP MA reinvigorates Northcote street life

522567_420086421413861_519448990_nCTP MA candidate Peter Fraser is pictured here, making a short film based on a performance as a lizard. On Wednesday 6 March one of the windows of Offshoot was transformed into a film shoot. “Peter Fraser makes performances based on the sensations of the body. The focus is not on psychology or choreography but on exploring the body as an internal environment inside a surrounding environment. He performers as an improviser, in choreographed performance, site specific performance and occasionally in video and theatre. Peter’s work draws on a performance training called ‘Bodyweather’ developed by the legendary butoh dancer Min Tanaka, and used, in Australia, by De Quincey Co with whom Peter has often performed (http://dequinceyco.net/category/performances). Examples of Peter’s work can be seen at https://vimeo.com/user11525528 Peter is completing an MA in performance that will include the Darebin pop up shop window installation/performance based on having seen a lizard confined in a pet shop. Filmmaker, Lolanthe Lezzi is a multi-disciplinary artist, film editor and graphic designer based in Melbourne. She has a Masters of Fine Arts, Monash. Her work commonly explores themes of Absurdism and the Outsider – often with humour. She has exhibited, film, photographs and installations in many group or individual exhibitions, including at Monash University, Seventh Gallery, Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Barcelona, Launceston and the Mornington Peninsula”. For further information please contact Sarah Poole on 0407 813 776. The actual film will be posted when it has been edited – in a few weeks time.