TMalthouse HELLO GOODBYE & HAPPY BIRTHDAY_1142he headphone verbatim piece Hello, Goodbye and Happy Birthday that booked out in last year’s Melbourne Festival at the Malthouse was lead by director, Ros Oades.    Made with a team of collaborators including 3 from Monash’s CTP:  actor/ PhD candidate, Jim Daly; 3rd year student, Piper Huynh, contributor of text / secondment and as production dramaturg, Yana Taylor, the show has now been nominated by the Australian Writers Guild  for a national AWGIE award for best new work for Community and Youth Theatre.


Nominated in 2014 Green Room awards in 5 categories, Hello Goodbye and Happy Birthday won the Green Room for best Writing/Adaptation for the Australian.   A fully arranged national tour for 2015 has been postponed because of the cuts to Australia Council funds but watch this space….plans are afoot.