BEOWULF – a discussion!

Recently our CTP 2iC and brilliant theatre maker, Felix Nobis, took to the stage at Malthouse Theatre to perform his riveting version of the legendary heroic tale that is ‘Beowulf’!

It was a brilliant piece on stage and the full house loved it!

Felix has spent years researching, writing, working through the poem Beowulf to gain a greater understanding of this wonderful piece of poetry/literature/performance (depending on who you ask as to what it is!) and it was amazing to see him bring his years of work to the stage for this one-night-only production.

After the Performance at the Malthouse, the CTP hosted an interdisciplinary conversation on Beowulf, with a remarkable panel of guests invited to participate in discussion with & for the audience.

The panel included:-
Felix Nobis, Jane Griffiths, Bob DiNapoli, Peter Grovers and Kathleen Neal, who all treated the audience to a remarkable Q&A session!