Activist Performance Pedagogies and Critical Autoethnography Talk


Thanks to the CTP, Monash CTP’s own Stacy Holman-Jones and Monash Arts, the incredible Deanna Shoemaker, from Monmouth University, New Jersey USA will be giving an exceptionally enlightening autoethnographic talk entitled:-

‘Activist Performance Pedagogies and Critical Autoethnography in (Neoliberal) University and Prison Settings’

Thursday, 13 July 2017, 3-4 pm.
State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
Deanna says about her talk:-

Framed within neoliberal scenes of constraint, this autoethnographic talk explores the potentiality and struggles of activist professor/scholar/artist in university, community, and prison settings.

This work is inspired by critical autoethnography and critical performance pedagogies that reach toward “enfleshed” forms of knowledge that speak to the social, cultural, and political contexts of our everyday lives.

In the blur between activist and academic, this dialogic keynote explores how campus and incarcerated communities are potentially (re)shaped through (auto)performance projects and performative, collaborative learning environments that allow us to collectively locate, question and alter our ways of viewing and being in the world (B. Alexander, 2006).

In this precarious historical moment marked by both tremendous danger and radical possibility, artists and educators must continue to find critical ways to collaborate, self-reflect, build community, envision social change, and contribute in material ways to intersectional movements for social justice.

Committed to communicative practices of empathic and critical listening, critical self- reflexivity, embodied play, creative expression, story sharing, collective witnessing, nonviolence, and deep contextualization, I chart transformative moments engaging with others in troubled educational institutions and the U.S. prison industrial complex.

Laboring against alienation and for more safe spaces of support, engagement, and resistance, this critical autoethnography maps emergent meanings, stakes, and possibilities of performance pedagogies invested in social change.

This is an incredible opportunity to hear from Deanna – don’t miss out!
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​Deanna Shoemaker is Associate Professor of Communication/Performance Studies and Graduate Director at Monmouth University. Her work focuses on performance, culture, and identity; ethnographic methods;critical performance pedagogies; and performance as social activism. She advises a student performance group, serves on MU’s Gender Studies executive committee, and co-facilitates “AVP” workshops in prison.