• The Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance is the largest comprehensive theatre and performance program offered by an Australian university, enjoying a reputation as one of the most outstanding courses of its kind in the country.  We offer two pathways to study theatre and performance at undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Performing Arts

    The Centre is home to the largest cohort of postgraduate students in theatre and performance in Australia, including many from Asian countries.  Many of these students are pursuing practice-led MA’s and PhDs, presenting work for public performance supported by the Academy of Performing Arts.  

    The Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) aims to create theatre-makers with a range of acting, directing, and production skills, as well as expertise in academic writing, analysis, and critical thinking.  Students have numerous opportunities to generate original work and to work in a rehearsal and performance context.  They can develop further specialisations in directing, music theatre, movement, performance studies, scriptwriting, and theatre history, with the possibility of mentorships in technical theatre and design.  

    Students undertaking the BPA also complete the requirements for a major in theatre alongside students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts.  The theatre major focuses on the study of the past, present, and future of performance and is grounded in both theoretical frameworks and reflective, participatory explorations of key themes, genres, and questions.  Course units cut across a wide range of approaches to theatre and performance and provide the student with the tools to think critically about the field, preparing them for a future where theatre and performance increasingly cross genres, cultures, geographic boundaries, and modes of artistic expression.

    Our graduating students—whether they are undergraduates, honours students or postgraduates—are well informed, reflective, adventurous, and creative, equipped to survive and thrive in the performing arts industry.