Revealing the Reader: Australian Humanities Review

The Centre for the Book is pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of Australian Humanities Review stemming form the ‘Revealing the Reader’ symposium.

The special issue brings together a number of articles stemming from papers delivered at the conference, and covers a wide range of interests in reading research including cultural studies, book history, literary studies, and creative writing. The specie issue is edited by Centre co-directors Anna Poletti and Patrick Spedding, and Rosalind McFarlane.


Special Issue: Revealing the Reader: Table of Contents
Anna Poletti and Patrick Spedding Introduction: Revealing the Reader
Part 1: Reading Histories
Susan K. Martin Tracking Reading in Nineteenth-Century Melbourne Diaries
Amanda Laugesen Journeys in Reading in Wartime: Some Australian Soldiers’ Reading Experiences in the First World War


Patrick Spedding Eliza Haywood’s Eighteenth-Century Readers in Pennsylvania and New York
Patrick Spedding Eliza Haywood’s Eighteenth-Century Readers: Appendixes


Part 2: Reading Communities
Robert Clarke and Marguerite Nolan Book Clubs and Reconciliation: A Pilot Study on Book Clubs Reading the ‘Fictions of Reconciliation’
Tully Barnett Social Reading: The Kindle’s Social Highlighting Function and Emerging Reading Practices


Danielle Fuller and DeNel Rehberg Sedo Reproducing ‘the Wow Factor’?: Negotiating the Values of Reading through One Book, One Community Events
Part 3: Reading Futures
Ali Alizadeh The Subject Supposed to Read: the Case against the E-reader


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