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Critical Matters: Book Reviewing Now

On Thursday 9 April, 2015, The Centre for the Book will host a one-day symposium bringing together over 30 book reviewers, editors and academics to discuss the state of literary criticism in the public sphere today. The schedule includes public panels. For more information and ticketing see here.

Reading Memoir

This one-day symposium brings together leading scholars from Australia, the UK and Canada to consider current and future ways of researching how readers engage with memoir. Examining memoir through the lens of reader research, print culture research, literary criticism and life writing studies, the symposium considers how readers use memoir, what current trends in memoir publishing tell us about the social and political work of life writing, and the challenges associated with seeking to understand how memoir circulates and is read.

Speakers include: Professor Julie Rak (Alberta), Dr Danielle Fuller (Birmingham) and Professor DeNel Rehberg Sedo (Mount Saint Vincent), Dr Beth Driscoll (Melbourne), Associate Professor Kate Douglas (Flinders), and Dr Melinda Harvey (Monash).

To register your interest in attending, please email Anna Poletti (Anna.Poletti@monash.edu) by Friday 10 April.

Contemporary Women’s Writing and Environments

The Centre for the Book is a proud sponsor of the forthcoming Fifth Biennial International Conference of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association. More information about the conference is available here.

A masterclass by publisher, poet and musician, Damon Krukowski.

11 April 2013


More information here.

Revealing the Reader

28–29 June 2012
Melbourne, Victoria

Woman reading a book.

Recent developments in the history of the book demonstrate that an interest in the material history of print culture inevitably leads us to the question of readers. How well can we understand the past, present and future of print culture without examining the uses to which it is put by its audience? This question serves not only to remind us of the primacy of the economic relationship between readers, writers and publishers, but draws our attention to the variety of cultural, social, political, and interpersonal roles that reading has played and continues to play.

Revealing The Reader will bring together scholars with a common interest in contemporary and historical reading practices with the aim of showcasing current research in this rapidly expanding field, and providing a forum for discussion and debate on the state of reading research.


Papers will address topics such as:

  • Methodologies for researching readers and their practices
  • Histories of reading
  • The material trace of reading
  • Historical and contemporary evidence of readerships and reading practices
  • The relationship between individual readers and reading communities (and vice versa)
  • Case studies of reading practices and reading communities
  • The diverse relationships between reading communities, publishers and authors etc.
  • The relationships between reading communities and genre
  • Locations of reading
  • Technologies of reading
  • The role of existing and emerging technologies in revealing readers

Papers investigate reading practices and readers from the perspective of the sociology of literature, book history, literary studies, mixed methods research, reader response theory, history, cultural studies, and the study of material culture.

Please email any queries to conference convenors; Anna.Poletti@monash.edu and Patrick.Spedding@monash.edu

A special issue of Script and Print made up of papers from the symposium is forthcoming.

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