The Centre for the Book is the only research institution of its kind in Australasia. We are widely regarded as the epicentre of print culture research. Our centre forms part of a small and prestigious network of like entities in Toronto, London, Washington D.C., Edinburgh, Oxford and Madison, Wisconsin.

The information age is unquestionably here, and has initiated a revolution in the way we connect and communicate. We seek to harness the excitement of this new era and – founded on diverse theoretical traditions and understandings from print culture history – to make sense of the heady times in which we now live.

From ‘blooks’ (blogs that become books) to twitter novellas, the ‘Kindle’ and ‘iPad’, and the growing phenomenon of interlinkages between screen media and books, we examine the way print fits into the landscape of modern media and contributes vitally to cultural life. The Centre for the Book looks at the content of books and books themselves – both old and new.



Recently funded by the Australian Research Council

Performing Authorship in the Digital Literary Sphere (2012-2014). Chief Investigator: Dr Simone Murray.

Books as Media: The Cultural Economy of Literary Adaptation (2007-2009). Chief Investigator: Dr Simone Murray.

The Dissemination and Control of Clandestine Writing in England 1695–1774. (2007–2009) Chief Investigator: Dr Patrick Spedding


Research collaborations

Researchers from the Centre for the Book are currently involved in the following international research collaborations:

Crossing Media Boundaries: Adaptations and New Forms of the Book  (2011-2015)

Led by Professor Alexis Weedon, University of Bedfordshire.  Partner institutions: Monash, University of Southampton (UK), Jadavpur University (India), Institute of Publishing Science at Nanjing University (China), and Communication University (China).

Funded by: UNESCO.


Back to the Book (2011-2016)

Led by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Utrecht University.

Funded by: Innovative Research Scheme Dutch Science Foundation NWO.


PhD Researchers currently associated with the Centre for the Book

Millicent Weber

Oscar Schwartz

Nicola Rodgers

Dr Kevin Patrick (PhD awarded 2014)


Our publications

Details of additional publications are available though individual member profiles, see our staff page.

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