Welcome to Centre for the Book research unit

  • We are the only research institution of our kind in Australasia, and are widely regarded as an epicentre of print culture research.

    Our research charts book history and print culture in their many forms, both historical and contemporary. We research the content of books and the materiality of books themselves – both old and new.

    From blooks (blogs that become books) to twitter novellas, the Kindle and iPad, we examine the way print fits into the landscape of modern media and contributes vitally to cultural life.

Latest News

  • Lyn Hejinian The Sneeze: Oversignification in the Zone of Encounter Certain key characteristics of avant-garde art reflect the turbulent convergence of Romantic and Realist responses to the implacable, as well as transcendent, power of capital. They are, thus, fundamentally political in origin, but they are aesthetic in manner, producing a praxis of affect as well as (or ... Read more
  •  The Fifth Biennial International Conference of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association  CONTEMPORARY WOMEN’S WRITING AND ENVIRONMENTS Hosted by RMIT, Monash and Deakin Universities, Melbourne, Australia 3-5 July 2014   Sponsored by the Research in Literary Studies research unit, Centre for the Book, and the Centre for Australian and Postcolonial Writing at Monash University, and the NonFiction Lab at RMIT.   REGISTRATION NOW AVAILABLE!   The 5th biennial CWWA conference, ... Read more
  • Recent developments in the history of the book demonstrate that an interest in the material history of print culture inevitably leads us to the question of readers. How well can we understand the past, present and future of print culture without examining the uses to which it is put by its audience? Revealing The Reader will bring ... Read more

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