Visiting Scholars

2018 Visiting Scholar

We are currently in the planning stages for our next visiting scholars and will update these details when available. 

2017 Visiting Scholar: Jonathan Davies


Jonathan Davies is Associate Professor of Italian Renaissance History at the University of Warwick. His research has focused on the cultural, economic, political, religious, and social history of the Italian states (especially Tuscany) between 1350 and 1600. His current research now concentrates on violence in early modern Europe. He is the author of Florence and its University during the Early Renaissance (Leiden, Boston, and Cologne: Brill, 1998) and Culture and Power: Tuscany and its Universities, 1537-1609 (Leiden, and Boston: Brill, 2009) and the editor of Aspects of Violence in Early Modern Europe (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013). He is the founder of STVDIO, the interdisciplinary research group which promotes the study of the Renaissance. From 2005 to 2014 he was the co-director of the Warburg Institute-University of Warwick Research Training Programme, ‘Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture’. He is the joint coordinator of the Warwick History of Violence Network.

We welcomed Jonathan as a visiting scholar to Monash during April and May 2017, during which time he shared his expertise in a postgraduate workshop and delivered two seminars, among other contributions.