The Body in the City

‘The Body in the City, 1100-1800’ Focus Program aims to investigate the complex, diverse, and multi-layered realities and understandings of ‘the body’ in medieval and early modern societies. It brings together outstanding scholars from the University of London (Birkbeck College) and Monash, along with members of the Prato Consortium of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Amsterdam, Arizona, Catholic University of America, Edinburgh, Queen Mary College, Toronto, Warwick, Prato State Archives) to research both real and metaphorical bodies in the urban context and investigate their inter-relationship.  The research program encompasses various disciplines – art, architecture, literature, medicine, politics, religion, gender, society – and focusses on archival, textual, visual and environmental materials.


Jonathan Davies CMRS Seminar

5 May 2017, 11am-12pm
Monash University Clayton Campus, 20 Chancellors Walk, Room E561

Jonathan Davies will present a paper entitled Violence in Early Modern Italy.

Over the last thirty years violence has become the focus of growing research by historians. Using case studies from early modern Italy, this paper will discuss definitions and forms of violence as well as responses to it. The paper will also consider sources for the history of violence, their problems and advantages, and what violence can tell us about early modern societies.