Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Performance awarded to Liisa Williams and Bachelor of Arts Implementation Team

awardsThe Faculty of Arts would like to congratulate Liisa Williams and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) Implementation Team and on receiving the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff.

In conjunction with the Associate Dean (Education), the Arts Governance Team developed a methodology to implement this recommendation. Given the large number of units offered within the BA and the diverse nature of the majors that contribute to the BA, the implementation of this key recommendation required careful planning, skilful attention to detail, countless hours of consultation with academic and professional staff members within the Faculty and the policy team in the Pro-Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching.

Above all, the successful implementation of the BA review recommendations required a level of commitment on the part of the Arts Governance Team that exceeded by far reasonable workload expectations. The team’s commitment to the success of the BA review process is a testament to their ability to work collegially for the provision of a high quality environment for students and staff.

The benefits of the BA review will be far reaching, improving the educational experience of our students and providing the structure for the vision that will inform the Faculty’s implementation of the University’s Better Learning, Better Teaching agenda.

The team members who contributed at various stages were Margaret Evans, Samantha Goode, Louise Lees, Kylee Petterwood and Andrew Shortridge.  Andrew Curtis from Arts Timetabling, Data and Reporting Unit also contributed via the development of a database system that provides for an improvement in service provision and a more seamless operation in faculty administration.