Faculty of Arts Education Fellowship Scheme

The Faculty seeks to provide an outstanding learning experience for our students. In recent years our coursework programs have undergone dramatic change in response to market expectations, the Australian Quality Framework, the University’s Better Teaching Better Learning Agenda and Course Architecture principles. Students within the Faculty are already experiencing high quality learning outcomes and excellent teaching, but we seek to improve on our outstanding record and also provide further opportunities for exceptional teachers to enhance and share their expertise.

In order to facilitate this vision, the Faculty will award Fellowships for a period of 12 months. Each Fellowship may receive an amount of up to $10,000 which must be spent during the year of the Fellowship. Funds cannot be carried over to the next year and any unspent funds will be returned to the Faculty. Funding will be allocated to Faculty of Arts Teaching and Research or Education focussed staff members and staff must have at appointment of at least 0.5 FTE.  Sessional and adjunct staff are not eligible to apply.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to:

  • Provide a necessary source of funding to further the promotion of excellence in learning and teaching in the Faculty of Arts
  • Provide seed funding for learning and teaching activities within the School and Faculty;
  • Provide a platform for applications to the Fellowship Scheme with the Monash Education Academy in the year subsequent to an Arts Fellowship.

The Faculty of Arts Education Fellowships are open to ongoing academic staff at all levels either individually or as a team with other academic or professional staff and/or students. The outcomes expected are therefore fluid in order to accommodate a range of experience and expertise. It is anticipated that typical projects would be similar to the following examples: 

  • Participation in professional training eg. Workshops on the development and delivery of curriculum; training on the development of innovative assessment;
  • A research project that could lead to a Learning and Teaching grant;
  • Provide a model for the faculty that will enhance mass scale delivery;
  • A project to develop innovation in curriculum design, development and delivery;
  • Collaborative partnerships with external bodies;
  • Development of models that promote pre- and post-class activities and project-based assessment, particularly in capstone units.

Collaborative applications are encouraged and preference will be given to applications that include students or a team of academic staff. If students are included in the project then it is possible to include payment for them within the detailed budget included with the application.

All participants must:

  • Attend a series of meetings (three per year) with other Fellows during their tenure in order to discuss their progress. There should be an emphasis on creativity and dialogue within an environment designed for free-expression of ideas and an atmosphere of mutual respect. These meetings will be scheduled by the Office of the Associate Dean (Education);
  • Prepare a three minute video of their achievements during their time as a Fellow to be available on the Faculty website and to the University Learning and Teaching Committee;
  • Submit a final report on their Fellowship by 1 December in the year for which funding was allocated;
  • Fellows at level C or above are expected to demonstrate a commitment to mentoring within the Faculty, either individually or within a major. They will also demonstrate a willingness to participate in the Professional Development in Education program. For details on this program, please contact Dr Sarah McDonald. 

Funding cannot be sought for: 

    • social activities;
    • funding tuition fees or stipends;
    • projects where it is deemed that the funding will give an unfair academic advantage to one or a small number of any student cohort;
    • to fund ongoing licences/subscriptions, eg. subscriptions to a professional body or software licences.


Monash Education Academy

The Monash Education Academy was founded in 2015 and, amongst other activities, offers a Fellowship scheme. Applicants wishing to obtain a full MEA Fellowship must respond to an Essential Criterion and five of the other Selection Criteria. Applicants wishing to become an MEA Associate Fellow must respond to the Essential Criterion and two of the other Selection Criteria. The Faculty Selection Criteria provides the opportunity for our staff to meet the full MEA requirements during their year of Arts Fellowship.

Arts Fellowship Criteria

Applicants are required to submit the Arts Fellowship Scheme application form. In the form they should demonstrate their sustained educational leadership and excellence in teaching in their responses to the essential criteria and other criteria.

Important Note: Applicants must address the Essential Criterion and at least two of the Other Selection Criteria. The application should provide an indication on how the project will enhance their capability to satisfy at least a total of five of the Other Selection Criteria by the end of their Fellowship year.

Essential Criterion

  1. Proven track record of leadership in teaching and learning.

Other Selection Criteria

  1. Proven track record of using innovative approaches to enhance student learning.
  2. Significant contribution to professional development of colleagues, this could be provided through mentoring and coaching.
  3. Development of distinctive internationally recognised teaching and learning programs or models.
  4. Demonstrated understanding of the higher education sector and insights into how policy might evolve in this area.
  5. Conducted and/or disseminated national and international pedagogical innovation.
  6. Demonstrated sustained engagement in pedagogy development beyond Monash University.
  7. Demonstrated relevant engagement with external stakeholders.
  8. Proven track record of evidence-based research and/or scholarship in higher education, including achievement of high quality grants and publications.
  9. High educational standing, including achievement of external teaching awards, externally competitive learning and teaching grants, learning and teaching keynotes, invited seminars. 

Applications will assessed by a panel of at least four members of Arts Executive Committee.

All applicants will notified of the outcome in late November and successful applicants will be expected to commence their Fellowship in February 2016. 

Please submit Arts Education Fellowship Scheme Application Form by email in Word or PDF format by 5pm, Monday 14 September 2015 to: anne-maree.lennox@monash.edu with the subject heading ‘Arts Education Fellowship’, and if electronic signatures are not available, also send one signed copy to Anne-Maree Lennox, Room W107, 20 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus