New Colombo Plan Scholarships – Explore Indonesia this Summer!

watercastleThe Faculty of Arts is excited to announce that it has been awarded 30 scholarships for its students to undertake short term studies in Indonesia. The scholarships are valued at $3000 each for travel on an approved program by 31st July 2015. Students will also be eligible for additional Monash Abroad bursaries and complimentary travel insurance.

See the list of exciting programs that will allow you to discover Indonesia below. Each program has different requirements and closing dates to apply for the scholarship. Students not eligible for scholarships are most welcome to join the programs.


1. Australia and Asia – ATS2394 / ATS3394 (12 credit points)

- 10 scholarships

Australia and Asia is an innovative, study-tour based unit that takes students out of the classroom and into the field to explore the reality of cross-cultural relations for themselves. Classes begin on campus in late November 2014 before heading to Indonesia for 10 days in early December. We will explore Java and Bali and hear from academics and experts in Australian-Asian relations of the past, present and future. Students will also have the opportunity to explore specialist sites of international contact and meet professionals in diplomacy, trade and tourism. An optional intensive-language component is available for those who wish to develop skills in Bahasa Indonesia.

Dates: 17 November- 10 December

Cost: Approximately $1200 per student will cover internal travel, accommodation, entry to all sites and an opening and closing dinner. Students will be expected to arrange their own airfares (Melbourne-Jakarta; Yogyakarta-Bali), cover their meals, and any personal costs.

Majors: Students from any major can take this as an elective. It also counts towards some majors, see handbook for details.

Additional information: Application process and more details

Contact: For scholarship application process contact Dr Agnieszka Sobocinska or Arts-Outbound Students

2. Arts Indonesian in-country language (12 credit points)

- 10 scholarships

Flexible Language Immersion Program based at Gadjah Mada University or specialist internships/field studies organised through Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). Either one semester or intensively during Monash non-teaching period.

Dates: Summer A, Summer B or Semester 1, 2015

Cost: $3120 tuition fee only (students will be enrolled in Murdoch university as cross institutional students).

Majors: Indonesian studies

Additional Information:ACICIS website

Contact: For application process – Mr Robin Chacko

If you are not able to be away for that long you could choose to do the Arts International Internship program (below) and can have it counted towards your Indonesian studies major.

3. Arts International Internship ATS3130 (12 credit points)

- 10 scholarships

Group Internship Study Tour to Indonesia. The program will be a 4 week study tour with the first week spent on language and cultural studies that will include visits to prominent sites across Indonesia. The following three weeks students will be placed either individually or in groups in organisations on a project related to their major. The majority of the placements would be in Bali with some in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The program will include local university visits, tourist site visits, networking events, dinners and other weekend activities.

Dates: mid-January to mid-February

Cost: $2,500 approx – includes program fees, visa support, accommodation, some meals, group tours, prepaid sim card, 24/7 support.

Majors: Students from most majors can take this as an elective.

Additional information:Application process and more

Contact: For scholarship application process contact Mr Robin Chacko

Scholarship eligibility criteria:

  • an Australian citizen. Applicants with dual citizenship are eligible, but must use the scholarship in a third destination.
  • enrolled at Monash University at the time of application and throughout their study.
  • between 18 and 28 years of age at the commencement of their study program; and
  • undertaking a Bachelor’s degree level program (at least second year) onshore at an Australia university campus at the commencement of the program.