How to Apply for Monash Arts Intercampus Exchange

Step 1: Determine when and where you will study overseas

Which semester(s) do you want to spend overseas? Where do you want to go? What units are you going to study? You will need to investigate what other universities are offering to find the best overseas study program for you.

Where to start? Monash Intercampus Exchange Information

Make sure you also attend a Monash Abroad information session.

Step 2: Download application form

You can either visit Monash Abroad to collect an application form in person, or you can download one online.

For details and the application form visit: Intercampus Exchange Application Information

Step 3: Seek course advice

You are advised to meet with an Arts Course Adviser to discuss your overseas study plan.

We will check your course progression and you can discuss with us your proposed overseas unit selection. Please ensure you have researched the types of program and the units you would like to study overseas prior to making an appointment.

For appointment details visit: Monash Arts Course Advice

Step 4: Gain unit approval

Once you have decided on where you are going and discussed your course progression, you must then seek approval for the units you propose to study aboard.

An academic staff member from the School/Centre or Area of Study you think the unit should count towards will assess your application and approve any appropriate units.

You must seek approval for each unit you are proposing to study abroad before you submit your application to the Faculty of Arts.

Step 5: Lodge form with Arts Student Services

Next you are required to lodge your approved application to the Arts Student Services office on your home campus for final faculty approval.

Your application will be assessed by the External Studies Officer for the Faculty of Arts.

If you are enrolled into a double degree program you must seek approval from both faculties.

For locations visit: Contact Arts Student Services

Step 6: Wait for email notification from Arts

If your application is approved by the Faculty of Arts, you will be advised via your Monash student email that you are able to collect your approved application form and a formal letter of approval from the Faculty of Arts.

Step 7: Submit application to Monash Abroad

Finally you must submit your completed application form (financial plan, referees etc.) and formal letter of approval to Monash Abroad for further processing by the appropriate deadline.

For locations visit: Monash Abroad Contact Information