How to Apply for Arts Intercampus Exchange

Are you unsure of who does what in the exchange process? Please see bottom of this page.

Step 1: Determine when and where you will study overseas

Which semester/s do you want to spend overseas? Where do you want to go? What units are you going to study? You will need to investigate what Malaysia can offer you and your specific area of studies.

Start by reading the Monash Intercampus Exchange website and attend a Monash Abroad information session.

It is recommended that you also attend a Monash Abroad Open Advising Session. These sessions give you a chance to speak with a Monash Abroad Global Officer, a Monash student who has previously studied overseas.  These sessions are run every week day from 1pm – 2pm. You must book into these sessions via the Monash Abroad booking system through your portal.

Step 2: Download application form

You can download the Monash Abroad Intercampus Exchange Application Form from the ‘How to Apply’ page on the Monash Intercampus Exchange website.

Step 3: Obtain course advice

The Faculty of Arts requires all students planning to study overseas to obtain course advice. You must submit your course advice meeting notes with your study plan application to the Faculty.

The Arts Course Adviser will check your course progression and note which units you could study overseas.

If necessary, the Adviser can discuss your proposed overseas unit selection with you. Prior to booking an appointment, please ensure you have researched the types of program and units you would like to study overseas.

For appointment details visit Monash Arts Course Advice.

Step 4: Gain departmental unit approval (if required)

If you are studying a language major or minor, a Psychology major or minor, a Music, Honours or a Masters degree, you must obtain additional approval for the relevant units you propose to study overseas.

A nominated academic staff member from the department, school, centre or area of study of your proposed unit/s will assess the unit for its relevance to your major, minor or degree.

You must obtain departmental approvals on your study plan prior to submitting your study plan application to the Faculty of Arts.

Step 5: Submit study plan to Arts Student Services

Once you have determined when and where you wish to study, and obtained departmental approvals (if required), you must submit your study plan application to the Faculty of Arts.

You can either submit a printed copy to the Arts Student Services on your home campus


if you would like to consider the environment, submit an electronic or scanned copy by email to

Within the email, you may attach direct URLs to your unit outlines or attach PDF documents of your unit outlines.

Please note, the Faculty will NOT accepted photos of application pages nor poorly scanned documents (ie. too dark, too light, page borders cut off, blurry).

What to submit:

Please do not submit any other part of your Monash Abroad Application besides:

  1. the Intercampus Exchange Application Coversheet. All students must fill in the form, whether for electronic or hard copy submission.
  2. the Personal information page of the Monash Abroad Intercampus Application Form
  3. the Proposed Study Plan page of the Monash Abroad Intercampus Application Form
  4. and your Arts course advice notes.

If you are enrolled in a double degree program, you must obtain approval from both of your faculties on your study plan. You must submit a copy of your study plan application into both faculties by the deadline.

Your study plan application will be assessed by the Arts Exchange Coordinator for the Faculty of Arts.

Step 6: Wait to receive an email notification from Arts

Once your study plan application has been assessed by the Coordinator, you will be advised via your Monash student email of the outcome.

If you are successful, you will be asked to collect your approved study plan from the Arts Student Services of your home campus OR you can be sent a scanned copy by email (if elected).

Step 7: Submit application to Monash Abroad

Finally, you must submit your completed Monash Abroad Application to Monash Abroad for further processing by the appropriate deadline.

Monash Abroad is located at:

Campus Centre, Clayton Campus
Level 1 (above the bookshop)
21 Chancellors Walk
Monash University,
Victoria, 3800 Australia
Phone: +613 9905 1551
Fax: +61 3 9905 8334
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm
Roles and Responsibilities