Gallipoli Study Tour, what do the participants say?

anzac-wreck“A remarkable experience, both on an educational and personal level. I will never forget Gallipoli.”

Catherine Tiernan, History and Theatre major, Bachelor of Arts


“Undertaking an international study program was one of the best decisions I could have made in the course of my University education.

I got to visit and interact with a site that figures so highly in the national consciencness, as Gallipoli does.

Coupled with the interaction with a distinctive culture it allowed me to grow both academically and personally. I would recommend international study to any current and future students.” 

Alex Dunn, History and Politics major, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce


Students at Lone Pine memorial“The Monash Gallipoli trip was an amazing experience that moved teaching from the class room to the cliffs or Anzac. It’s a unique and inspiring experience to be a part of.” 

Hailey Berkhout, Australian studies and History major, Bachelor of Arts


“I’ve spent over half of my Bachelor of Arts (Global) degree overseas with an exchange to the United States, the Gallipoli Program and Arts in Prato, and an intercampus exchange to Malaysia.

To my mind there is no greater vindication of Monash’s motto to ‘Go Boldly’ than to participate in these sorts of unparalleled opportunities.” 

Thomas Woodroofe, Bachelor of Arts (Global), International Studies and Politics majors\