Monash Catalan available online

Higher education students anywhere in Australia are able to enrol in Monash University’s Catalan language and culture units. Students will be able to participate via video link and online exercises. Online teaching is available in first and second semesters. These units are for students with no previous knowledge of Catalan.

Studying Catalan at an Australian university in 2014: a guide for students at universities other than Monash

Beginners level: Students enrolled at Monash University and students at other universities who are able to attend classes at the Caulfield campus in person may enrol in ATS2058 Catalan Introductory 1 and ATS2059 Catalan Introductory 2.


Procedure for students at universities other than Monash who wish to study Catalan for credit toward their main degree

Download the Monash University Cross-institutional Study application form.

Read the explanations at the beginning of the form carefully. Fill in the form, being sure to complete all relevant fields and to provide the specified documentation.

You will need to provide certified hard copies of certain documents:

  • You will need to demonstrate your citizenship status. If you are an Australian citizen, this will be a certified copy of your birth certificate or passport.
  • You will need to demonstrate that you meet the University’s English language requirements. If you completed the last two years of your secondary schooling in Australia, this will be an official transcript of your VCE/HSC/SACE results.
  • You will need to show that your home institution allows you to enrol in the relevant Monash units. The office of your home Faculty will need to fill in Section C of the form or to provide a letter that contains all of the information that is required in the form.
  • Your home Faculty may ask you for descriptions of the units that you propose to undertake. You will find these in the Monash University online Handbook at the links above. If any additional information is required, you should contact the Catalan coordinator at

Note that the stated date for receipt of cross-institutional application forms is at the end of January. Recognising that this deadline may be difficult for students to meet, especially students entering university for the first time, the Monash Faculty of Arts will endeavour to be flexible in receiving application forms. However, they should be received as early as possible and no later than one week before the commencement of Orientation Week.

Importance of complete documentation

Many applications are held up because students submit application forms that are only partly filled in or accompanied by incomplete or uncertified documentation.

If uncertain, ring or e-mail the contacts below to inquire. This advice is especially important to students outside Melbourne who will be supplying their documentation by mail.


View online answers or submit an enquiry with

  • If inquiring about cross-institutional enrolment, write “Cross-Institutional: Catalan” in the subject line.
  • Copy your inquiry to the Catalan coordinator at


  • For enrolment advice, (03) 9902 6011.
  • For advice concerning the content of the Catalan teaching and research program, phone Dr Stewart King at (03) 9905 2118.