Your undergraduate experience

The aim of Spanish and Latin American Studies is to develop your awareness and understanding of Spanish and Latin American societies and cultures. A crucial aspect of this is the ability to speak and understand the language.

Beginners units focus on developing your language skills in a variety of cultural contexts as well as introducing you to the field of Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Students with previous knowledge of the language are given the opportunity to accelerate their learning by entering at Intermediate or Proficient levels. These units focus on further developing language skills in context and providing students with the critical and analytical skills necessary to gain a deeper understanding of Spanish and Latin American societies and cultures.

New students with some knowledge of Spanish will need to sit a placement test to determine the appropriate language entry level.
For more information, please see: Proficiency Placement Test for New Students

From second year, students have the opportunity to undertake a wide range of elective units in which you are able to explore important current issues in Spanish and Latin American Studies, such as multiculturalism and identity, gender, tradition and modernity and historical memory.

For an overview of the course structure and a list of available units, see the Spanish and Latin American language and studies – Undergraduate Area of Study Handbook entry.