Catalan Studies at Monash

What is Catalan?

Catalan is a Romance language spoken by approximately 10 million people across four European states: Spain, France, Andorra, where it is the only official language, and Italy. Most Catalan speakers are bilingual as Catalan co-exists with three major European languages: Castilian (Spanish), French, and Italian. Like other Romance languages, Catalan derives from Latin and as such it shares many characteristics with French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Students with a thorough grounding in one or more of these languages will, with dedication, have little trouble in obtaining a good working knowledge of Catalan in a relatively short period of time.

Catalan Studies

Monash University, in conjunction with the Institut Ramon Llull, offers two units of introductory Catalan language and culture. These units are taught by a Catalan Lector and by Dr Stewart King. In addition to the introductory Catalan language and culture units offered from 2013 onwards, several units contain substantial Catalan Studies modules, including ATS3206 Contesting Cultures and Identities in Modern Spain and the culture component of ATS1191 Spanish Introductory 1.

Monash University also offers Higher Degrees by research (PhD and Masters only) in Catalan literary and cultural studies. If you are interested in undertaking a PhD or Masters program in Catalan Studies, please contact Dr King directly at or on 9905-2118.

Catalan Studies are an exciting field of academic research, particularly in the areas of linguistic normalisation, bilingualism, sociolinguistics, second-language acquisition, cultural maintenance and reconstruction, post-colonialism, regionalism and nationalism, ethnicity and multiculturalism.

Grants to study Catalan overseas

There are several Catalan cultural organisations which offer grants to students to undertake Catalan language courses in Catalonia. If you are interested in applying for one of these grants, please contact Dr King.