Spanish and Latin American Studies Program – ¡Bienvenidos! (Welcome)

Monash has one of the largest Spanish and Latin American Studies programs in Australia. We cater for all levels of language learners, from complete beginners to native speakers. Our teaching program is unique. Complementing your language studies, from first year you learn about events and influences that have shaped the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.  As you progress through your studies you will develop the ability to discuss a range of contemporary issues relevant to your life and to society in general. We use music, film, popular media and literature to assist you to improve your language skills and to gain a deep understanding of Spanish and Latin American cultures and societies. Through the Monash Study Abroad program, many of our students spend six to twelve months living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country.

You will be taught by native and non-native speakers, all of whom have extensive experience in a variety of Spanish-speaking countries. Our teaching and research staff are recognised specialists in a range of areas, including multiculturalism, trans-nationalism, gender studies, cinema and literary studies, and postcolonial studies. Monash is the only Australian university that teaches the linguistic and cultural diversity of Spain and Latin America through Catalan and Brazilian studies.

In learning Spanish you will join over 400 million speakers across twenty-three countries.

What Level of Spanish Should I Enrol In?

  • El Gobierno de España ha convocado plazas de Auxiliar de Conversación en España para el curso 2015-206. Son plazas para enseñar inglés en centros de enseñanza secundaria. El plazo termina el 7 de abril de 2015. Para más información, visitar Read more
  • The academic publisher Taylor & Francis/Routledge has made available  a substantial number of journal articles on Latin American topics, including literature, language, cultural studies, indigenous studies, history, politics and urban studies. These articles are free and can be accessed here. Read more
  • Since a million people marched on 11 September 2012 (Catalonia’s national day) in Barcelona demanding the right to a referendum on Catalan independence from Spain, there has been much debate about what an independent Catalonia would be like. For those interested in following the issue of Catalan claims for independence, you might like to listen read Read more
  • The Spanish and Latin American Studies program is collaborating with the 2014 Made in Catalonia Film Festival. Dr Peter Gerrand, an Adjunct Associate Professor (Research), obtained €3000 from the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport to support the festival. Monash students enrolled in ATS2058 Catalan Introductory 1 will have the opportunity to help out with Read more
  •   Alice Whitmore secured Honours First Class in Spanish and Latin American Studies in the 2013 mid-year results for her thesis on the Mexican experimental poet, Yaxkin Melchy. She was supervised by Dr Stewart King (Spanish and Latin American Studies) and Dr Leah Gerber (Translation and Interpreting Studies).   Alice began studying Spanish at Monash in 2008 and Read more