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Past newsletters from the South Asian Diaspora International Research Network.

July 2017: From the SADIRN Director’s Desk

Dear SADIRN Partners and Members

New Members – welcome! The membership has grown to 135.  Please encourage interested others to enroll. 

In the four months since our last newsletter, SADIRN activities/achievements have been excitingly diverse. 

The first SADIRN Graduate Academy is to be launched at Goethe University this October with a three-day conference, organized and hosted by SADIRN Partner, Professor Schulze-Engler, Director, Dept of New Anglophone Literatures and Cultures, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main.  The programme includes presentations by invited postgraduates and postdoctorals (Early Career Researchers) to a group of SADIRN Partners.  At the business meeting for Partners to be held at this conference, we hope to discuss various ways in which we can make SADIRN super-productive in the next few years.  If you have any suggestions or ideas that can be discussed please let me know.   

Please welcome Dr Alexandra (Alix) Watkins, our new SADIRN Project Assistant.  Her research profile was highlighted in our last newsletter, and some of you will meet her at the Graduate Academy in Frankfurt, in October. Alix was recently appointed as an Adjunct of SADIRN/School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics at Monash. Alix has hit the ground running, and has already updated and upgraded the SAIDRN website.  If you have any news items to circulate, please send them to  I take this opportunity to thank our outgoing PA, Ali Saha for her commitment to SADIRN for over a year and a half, and wish her all success in her doctoral research.

Alix and Dr Mariam Mirza (recent SADIRN Visiting Researcher from the University of Liège) will be co-organizing an international SADIRN conference to be held in Melbourne in September 2018.  An edited book of essays will be one outcome.  Watch this space!  I am also happy to report that Mariam was recently awarded a Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship that is to be held at the University of Bonn.  Congratulations to these productive Early Career Researchers.

Janet Wilson and I are delighted to circulate a snippet of news about an unexpected book publication that took us by surprise!  Routledge has selected our co-edited special issue of the Journal of Postcolonial Writing: Asian Australian Writing to be published as a book as part of the ‘Routledge Special Issues as Books’ (SPIBs) programme.  The book will be published in hardback monograph format in December 2017/January 2018.  Contributors are Wench Ommundsen, Zhong Huang, Alexandra Watkins, Paul Giffard-Foret, Dolores Herrero, Stefano Mercanti, Janet Wilson and Chandani Lokuge.  Here is the Webpage:  The journal and book are SADIRN’s first collaborative research publications.  I hope there’ll be many more such ventures between Partners and Members. 

Last but not least, SADIRN Partner, Dr Mridula Nath Chakraborty and I, in collaboration with Meera Govil, Manager, Eltham Books, Eltham, have been promoting new voices in South Asian fiction and film including Rajith Savanadasa (Ruins), Chris Raja (The Burning Elephant) and Indika Ferdinando (Ho Gana Pokuna).

Finally, sincere thanks to Dr Chris Ringrose for continuing as Editor of our newsletter. For further information on the above news items and more, see the SADIRN website.  Looking forward to further SADIRN research collaborations.

With my best wishes

Chandani Lokugé