New Article in ‘Diaspora Studies’ by Reshmi Lahiri-Roy: “The Armenian Diaspora’s Calcutta Connection”

SADIRN member Dr Reshmi Lahiri-Roy of Deakin University’s School of Education has recently published, with Achinto.M. Roy, an article on “The Armenian Diaspora’s Calcutta Connection” in Diaspora Studies


Abstract: The existing literature on Armenian diaspora’s association of over three centuries with India, and more particularly Calcutta has overlooked the importance of the diaspora’s connection with Calcutta11. Calcutta is now known as Kolkata. However, for the purpose of this paper we have used the old name of Calcutta since that is the name used in all Armenian records within Calcutta and at Singapore since they relate to a period prior to the city being called Kolkata (present-day Kolkata) and how the diaspora’s presence in Calcutta shaped their destiny. This paper explains the significance of Armenian diaspora’s historical connection with Calcutta based on a review of existing literature supported by field work.