Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson is Professor of English and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Northampton.

She has published widely on Australian and New Zealand writing and cinema as well as on cultural constructions of diaspora more generally.  Her current research interests are in the genre of the diaspora novel, transnationalism, diaspora, law and literature, and diaspora and memory, Indian diaspora cinema. 

From 2008 to 2011 she was chair of EACLALS (European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) and from 2011 to 2015 she represented the University of Northampton in the Marie Curie-funded EU Initial Training Network, Constructions of Home and Belonging (CoHaB). She is currently vice-chair of the Katherine Mansfield Society , co-editor of the Journal of Postcolonial Writing, and of the series Studies in World Literature (Ibidem-Verlag). Her most recent publication is the coedited volume (with Daria Tunca), Under Construction: Postcolonial Gateways and Walls (Brill, forthcoming) .

Relevant Publications by Janet Wilson

2012. “The ‘New Chum’: Writing of the English Diaspora in New Zealand, 1860-1914.” In Far from ‘Home’: The English in New Zealand. Ed. Angela McCarthy and Lyndon Fraser (Dunedin: Otago University Press), pp. 165-84.

2014. “White Settler Societies: New Zealand Women’s Writing in Diaspora”. Diasporas, Cultures of Mobilities, ‘Race’. Volume 1. Diasporas and Cultures of Migrations. Ed. Judith Misrahi-Barak & Claudine Raynaud. Series PoCoPages (Coll. Horizons anglophones. Montpellier: Pulm.): 295-322.
. ISSN 2188-3023.

2015. “Discoursing on the Slums: Representing the Cosmopolitan Subaltern”. Reworking Postcolonialism: Globalization , Labour and Rights  ed. Pavan Malreddy,  Birte Heidemann, Ole Birk Laursen, Janet Wilson (London: Palgrave,  2015): 333-357.

2015. February. With Daria Tunca. “Postcolonial Thresholds; Gateways and Borders”, Introduction to Postcolonial Thresholds; Gateways and Borders. Ed. Janet Wilson and Daria Tunca. Special issue of Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 51.1, 1-6.

2016. [Forthcoming].“Transnational Movements: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific”. Chapter 9 of The Oxford History of the Novel in English, vol. 12. Ed. Coral-Ann Howells and Paul Sharrad (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

2016. [Forthcoming]. ‘Queer Diasporas? Literary Diaspora Studies and the Law’, in Law, Literature and Diaspora ed. Klaus Stierstorfer (Berlin and Boston; De Gruyter, 2016)

Areas of interest

Colonial and postcolonial encounters; migration, refugees, citizenship; diasporic communities and cultures; personal, national and collective memory; liminality and the cross cultural; experimentalism and the avant garde