Annalisa Oboe

Annalisa Oboe is a Professor of English Literature and Postcolonial Studies in the Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies of the University of Padua. She has promoted postcolonial studies in Italy for quite some time, both through her didactic and scientific work and as Chair of AISCLI (Associazione Italiana di Studi sulle Culture e Letterature di lingua Inglese). Her research focuses on postcolonial theory and cultures, South African and Black Atlantic literatures, Australian Indigenous writing, and British colonial and contemporary literature. She got her PhD from Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, in 1992. She has visited and studied at a number of foreign institutions (University of London, Oxford, Johannesburg-Wits, Cape Town-UCT, Toronto, Sydney-NSW), also thanks to scholarships and funding provided by the British Council, the Italian CNR, the Centre for American Studies in Rome, the Canadian Studies Faculty Research Award Program, and the University of Padua. She was an advisor of the executive committee of EACLALS (European Association of Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies) in 2008-11, and she co-founded with S. Bassi the international literary festival “Incroci di Civiltà” in Venice (2008). She coordinates the PhD programme in Linguistic, Philological and Literary Studies and is Vice Rector for Cultural, Social and Gender Relations at the University of Padua.

She has directed international research projects, and organized and presented papers at national and international conferences. Among her publications are Experiences of Freedom in Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures (with S. Bassi, Routledge, 2011); Recharting the Black Atlantic: Modern Cultures, Local Communities, Global Connections (with A. Scacchi, Routledge, 2008); Mongrel Signatures. Reflections on the Work of Mudrooroo (Rodopi, 2003); Fiction, History and Nation in South Africa (Supernova, 1994). She is the principal investigator of the postcolonialitalia research project, and the founder and director of the forthcoming journal From the European South: a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities (University of Padua).

Selected publications of the last 5 years

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Areas of interest

migration, refugees, asylum seekers; citizenship and rights; diasporic communities and cultures; colonial and postcolonial literatures; critical theory and southern thought