Public Events

We offer seminars and public lectures in each of our discipline areas at Clayton, Caulfield and Melbourne CBD.

Public Engagement

Public Health

As part of a public deliberative process, Professor Michael Selgelid, Director of the Centre for Bioethics at Monash, presented this Research Ethical Analysis White Paper to the US Government. The paper addresses gain-of-function research, which investigates the transmissibility of pathogens and aims to better understand public health and preparedness. You can freely access Michael’s paper here:

Robots and Respect

Professor Rob Sparrow was interviewed by Ethics and International Affairs on the issue of autonomous weapon systems and respect in warfare. You can listen to Rob discuss his work on the ethical issues associated with new technologies with EIA editor Adam Read-Brown here:

Should we allow a doping free-for-all?

Professor Rob Sparrow engaged in a lively debate on this topic with Julian Savulescu. How should sports deal with doping and what’s best for athletes?

Vulnerability and genetic diversity

In the following interview Professor Rob Sparrow and BioEdge’s Xavier Symons discuss current controversies in bioethics and, in particular, questions surrounding genetic diversity, the elimination of disability, and the so-called new eugenics. See more at:

Inaugural SOPHIS Public Lecture: Prof. Jay Winter, ‘The Geometry of Memory’

One of the world’s most eminent historians, Professor Jay Winter, spoke of war, art and memory in the twentieth century. This special lecture on the visual culture of war commemoration offered a historical perspective on the devastating legacies of war that still resonate in our contemporary world.



It was great to see a packed room of students, community members and staff for our inaugural public lecture by Jay Winter! We will keep you posted about next year’s lecture. For those who missed it, the lecture has been videoed and is available here:

The Geometry of Memory – Jay Winter from Monash Arts on Vimeo.

SOPHIS Researchers Investigate Water Conservation in our Cities

Associate Professor Seamus O’Hanlon, Dr Ruth Morgan and colleagues have prepared a new report on Australian suburban life in a water sensitive age. Released by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, this report asks if the pursuit of the Australian dream – a house and garden on the quarter-acre block – can be maintained in our water-sensitive times:

I’m just not myself

Listen to Monima Chadha, Head of Philosophy, discuss the intersection of self and mind on ABC Radio National’s 25-minute program ‘The Philosophers’ Zone’.

Experts analyse ethics of the response to Zika virus
See the results of the international Zika Ethics Consultation which Professor Michael Selgelid, Director of the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash, participated in this May. For more information:

Research Roundtable on Drones
April 29th, UNSW Kensington Campus

Professor Rob Sparrow will deliver the keynote at this research roundtable on the recent and exponential use of drones. The workshop is broken up into three broad themes: ‘Drones and Social Change’; ‘Drones and Border Policing’; and ‘Drones and the Military’. For more information:

Women and Philosophy: history, values, knowledge
July 7-10, Monash Caulfield campus

Join Dr Jacqueline Broad and Dr Karen Green at the Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers this July for a fascinating program of papers on women’s engagement with philosophy and feminism. For more information, please visit

Radio Roundtable
Thursday 7 July, 3pm Radio 3CR

Listen out for Dr Jacqueline Broad of Monash Philosophy Department on radio 3CR. A special roundtable session will be broadcast on the 30th anniversary of Australasian Journal of Philosophy special issue ‘Women in Philosophy’.

Enlightening Philosophy with Embiggen Books
25 October 6:30pm, Embiggen Books

Come along to hear Dr Jacqueline Broad discuss feminist philosopher Mary Astell on 25 October 6:30pm as part of the Laneway Learning series. In the August session of this series, Professor Graham Oppy will discuss Kant. For more information contact or visit