New Lectureships for 2013


SOPHIS has made new appointments in the following areas:

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology has appointed Dr Scott Dunbar to a three year Lectureship beginning in July 2013. Dunbar is currently an Assistant Professor of Global Issues at the UPEI, Canada. He possesses a completed interdisciplinary doctorate in religion and social issues (“Classical Hindu Views of Righteous Warfare (Dharma Yuddha) in light of Michael Walzer’s Just War Theory”), from the University of Saskatchewan (2011). He has extensive experience in teaching and course design in world religions, interfaith dialogue, and religious violence. He is Academic Co-Editor of the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.

The History Program has appointed Dr Taylor Spence to three-year Lectureship in American History, commencing July 2013. Taylor completed his PhD Yale University in 2012 and has held fellowships at the Newberry Library and McGill University. His PhD dissertation, ‘The Endless Commons: Contested Borders, Land-Right Cultures, and the Origins of American Expansion, 1783-1848’, traces the origins of North American settler colonial culture to the collision between the English belief in a right to the commons and the seeming expanse of available land in North America. For more information about Taylor, see http://history.sewanee.edu/facstaff/taylor-spence

The History Program has appointed Dr Kathleen Neal to three-year Lectureship in Medieval History, beginning 1 July this year. Kathleen holds a Master of Studies in Historical Research (Medieval History) from Oxford University and a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Melbourne, and is currently completing her PhD in History at Monash on the role of letters in political communication between the royal government and its subjects in thirteenth-century England. Kathleen has a highly regarded academic blog, In Thirteen Century England, http://thirteenthcenturyengland.wordpress.com/ and has served on the standing committee of the Medieval Academy of America and the executive committee of the Australian Early Medieval Association.

The Philosophy Program has appointed Mark Kelly to a lectureship commencing July 2013. Mark is an expert in European philosophy, with a particular interest in Foucault. He has worked previously  at Middlesex University and most recently University of Western Sydney, where he was adjunct professor.

The Philosophy Program has appoint Paul Silver to a lectureship commencing July 2013. Paul was awarded his PhD from the University of Connecticut earlier this year. Paul works primarily in epistemology but also has interests in metaphysics and ethics.

David Kaplan joins the Philosophy Program in July 2013. David’s research focus is in the philosophy of neuroscience. His other areas of expertise are philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of science. Since obtaining his PhD from Duke University in 2007 David has held two postdoctoral research positions at Washing University St Louis.

The Centre for Human Bioethics is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ryan Tonkens to a 3 year position as Lecturer, starting 1 July 2013. Ryan specialises in virtue ethics, and his current research interests lie at the intersection of applied ethics and advances in technology–especially biotechnology (e.g. the ethics of human prenatal genetic alteration), reproductive technologies (e.g. the ethics of embryo abandonment), and artificial intelligence (e.g. the ethics of robotic warfare).  He completed his PhD in Philosophy at York University (Toronto), and he is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Novel Tech Ethics at Dalhousie University.  For more information about Ryan see: http://noveltechethics.ca/staff/143