SOPHIS is committed to engagement in three key areas:

Our Public Events

  • On Christmas Eve, listen in to Radio National’s Nightlife to catch Dr Kathleen Neal from the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies discussing the coronation ... Read more
  • Professor Rob Sparrow discusses newly developing autonomous weapons and the Martens clause, a means by which the law can be changed to reflect evolving ethics. http://blogs.icrc.org/law-and-policy/2017/11/14/ethics-source-law-martens-clause-autonomous-weapons/ Read more
  • Eurovision is the biggest song contest in the world and has a cult following in Australia. In this Radio National interview, Associate Professor Julie Kalman ... Read more
  • David Lipson speaks to SOPHIS ethicist Professor Rob Sparrow and Professor Ron Arkin, roboticist and robo-ethicist from Georgia Tech in the US, about the rapid ... Read more
  • In this interview older Australians talk about the relationships they explored later in life, as part of an oral history project, Australian Generations. Professor Alistair ... Read more
  • Listen to a radio interview broadcast in Melbourne on SYN 90.7FM in which SOPHIS Professor Robert Sparrow outlines the future of AI regulation. What are ... Read more


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