The School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies’ teaching covers many of the key areas of human societies and includes programs at all levels: research degrees, postgraduate coursework, and majors within the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Letters.

It forms an active research community, producing many publications for both scholarly and general audiences.

Undergraduate Students

Our School offers a full program of undergraduate studies at the Clayton & Caulfield campuses, as well as more limited offerings in Philosophy via distance education and at Gippsland.

Our cross-displinary International Studies Program, with one of the largest undergraduate cohort in the School, offers a diverse selection of units that challenge students to consider global issues and concerns.

Diverse Study Opportunities

Every year a number of summer, intensive and overseas study opportunities are available including the opportunity to study at the Monash Centre in Prato.

The Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation (ACJC) offers regular Intensive Study Abroad Units for its students (and students from other disciplines).

Please visit the Monash Arts Overseas Studies page for further information.


There is an active postgraduate and research seminar program, and our history postgraduate research students publish their own journal, Eras. The Centre for Human Bioethics publishes Monash Bioethics Review.

The School offers learning & research opportunities in the following areas:

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