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  • In Monash Sociology we explore the relationship between people and their natural and built environments. To address sustainability challenges such as climate change, rapid urbanisation, resource limitations and ecological degradation, it is now recognised that both social and technical solutions are needed. Our key research questions are; How can we enhance the resilience and liveability of ... Read more
  • Health is a strong and long-established research theme for the Sociology programme. We undertake research on health and medical technologies; health and illness experiences; public health, and; disability and injury rehabilitation. Health and medical technologies Professor Alan Petersen has an international reputation as a health sociologist, with a focus on genetics and medicine (including media portrayals of ... Read more
  •   Gender is a major research theme for staff in Sociology. We undertake research on gender and youth, gender and families and gender and sexuality. Gender and youth We have a long history of exciting research on gender and youth. Dr Amy Shields Dobson’s (Sociology Adjunct) research focuses on representations of gender in digital cultures, particularly on social ... Read more
  • Our youth research focuses on the ways young people respond to – and create – new conditions of social and economic life in the 21st century. We explore the meanings and impacts of globalisation, new media and technology, the new transitions environment and shifts in work/study patterns, relationships and self-identity and citizenship for youth today. Dr ... Read more
  • Diversity is a strong and dynamic research theme in Sociology. We undertake research on cultural diversity in many forms including multiculturalism, migration and religious and sexual diversity.  In recent years new projects focused on multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and diversity have strengthened our research impact. Associate Professor Anita Harris‘ (Sociology Adjunct) work on the lives of young Muslims, Professor Zlatko Skrbis‘ work on contemporary ... Read more