Kate Seear: PhD 2009 Sociology

kate-seear-300x291Manager and Head Solicitor
The David Law Firm, London

Perhaps the most important aspect of any PhD candidature is your relationship with your supervisors. I was very fortunate to have had three wonderful, supportive, patient and encouraging supervisors who encouraged me at every stage of my PhD and who have continued to mentor me since the completion of my candidature. At times during my candidature, I struggled to stay motivated and positive, but my main supervisor always encouraged me to take my time. Such support was invaluable and helped my to complete my PhD within three and a half years.

The best part of being a student at Monash was making connections with the community of fellow HDR students. I made a number of very good friends during my PhD candidature. The support, intellectual discussions and encouragement of my fellow students was the thing that sustained me most during my candidature.