Environmental Sociology

In Monash Sociology we explore the relationship between people and their natural and built environments. To address sustainability challenges such as climate change, rapid urbanisation, resource limitations and ecological degradation, it is now recognised that both social and technical solutions are needed. Our key research questions are;

How can we enhance the resilience and liveability of our cities?
How do we strategically manage the transition to sustainable futures?
How can community, government and industry co-create better environmental outcomes?
How can we curb overconsumption?

We have particular expertise in water governance, societal transitions and community processes. Our research is part of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities and the Australia-Indonesia Centre.

Researchers and links to projects

Briony Rogers: Mapping water sensitive city scenarios, Developing leapfrogging pathways towards water sensitive cities
Jo Lindsay: Understanding social processes to achieve water sensitive cities
Sian Supski: Understanding social processes to achieve water sensitive cities

PhD researchers and projects

Paul Satur: Social inequality and water sensitive cities
Delia Paul: Drivers, barriers and incentives for sustainable water management in Johor state, Malaysia
Wikke Novalia: The scope for strategic action in developing urban water sectors
Vanessa Copa-Torrez: Developing Asian cities leapfrogging towards sustainable urban water management
Francesco Gimelli: Just urban water development: Fostering the capabilities of the marginalised in India
Tahmina Yasmin: Water Sensitive Cities in developing countries: identifying opportunities by diagnosing institutional path dependencies
Erika Duncan-Horner: From inadequate sanitation to water sensitive cities: Transforming developing cities with Social Innovations