Tahmina Yasmin



Tahmina is currently pursuing her doctoral research focuses on exploring pathways towards delivering Sustainable Urban Water Management in Developing Asian Cities within Graduate interdisciplinary research program (GRIP) in Monash University. Tahmina did her undergrade and masters in ‘Geography and Environment’. In the master’s research she developed a framework for better adoption of traditional and scientific coping strategies for the flood affected people living in the flood prone areas in Bangladesh. Tahmina worked in the development sector for couple of years before coming to Australia on projects related to: climate change adaptation; capacity building; WASH, community-based disaster risk management; community consultation and participation. Tahmina is familiar with using innovative concepts, tools and frameworks to support on-ground implementation of various projects and worked closely with local governments and private entrepreneurs to build their capacity to cope with future uncertainty and risks.

Research Topic

Sustainable Urban Water Management in Bangladesh: exploring governance opportunities necessary for sustainability transformation

Research Interests

water governance, urban sustainability, adaptation pathways, developing countries, secondary city development

Project Summary

This research seeks to explore the adaptive governance principles required to support a transition towards sustainable urban water management in Bangladesh. This work will draw upon the theoretical lens of adaptive governance, which combines the analyses of novel governance capacities such as adaptive and transformative capacity, collaboration, scaling and learning. To further support this empirical analyses, the research will also draw from key framings derived from sustainability transitions scholarship, in particular the Multi-Level Platform.


Dr. Megan Farrelly
Dr Briony Rogers

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