Neeti Aryal Khanal


Neeti is Australia Awards Scholar currently in her third year of PhD. Her current research project focuses on intersections of various forms of marginalization and experiences of reproductive health of women in Nepal. Her previous research experience includes research on violence against marginalized women, experience of motherhood of women with disability, experience of motherhood of women combatants. Neeti is lecturer of Sociology at Tribhuvan University in Nepal and is currently on study leave.

Research Topic

The Reproductive Health Experiences of Marginalized Women in Nepal: A Case Study of Young Dalit Women in Achham District

Research Interests

Gender, Sociology of health, Disability, Violence against women, Conflict,

Project Summary

Despite the initial euphoria of the Nepali government regarding improvements in maternal health outcomes, questions are being raised how equitable this improvement in reproductive health has been. High level of geographical disparity combined with economic disparity has resulted in increased levels of health inequality in Nepal. The broader aim of the research project is to examine the underlying linkages between marginalization and reproductive health in the context of developing countries like Nepal. Using the perspective of intersectionality, the study focuses on experiences of young Dalit women living in Achham district, one of the remotest districts of Nepal.


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