Jodie Long


Jodie Long is a doctoral candidate at Monash University in the school of Social and Political Sciences. Jodie was awarded the Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement in 2016. Previously Jodie has completed degrees in Arts and Education and has qualifications in counseling and adolescent mental health. Professionally Jodie has worked in the fields of outdoor and environmental education, alternative schooling and in youth justice institutions as a teacher and counsellor and has a particular interest in gendered educational choice and opportunity.

Research Topic

The student mother: Laptops and Rattles – Exploring the connectedness of adolescent mothers to educational opportunity.

Research Interests

Gender, education, marginalised, pregnant, parenting, connectedness, disconnected, adolescent, identity

Project Summary

This project aims to understand the educational experiences of pregnant and parenting adolescents including their interpretations of education and educational connectedness. Pregnant and parenting young women in Australia are over-represented in statistics regarding early school leaving. This has serious consequences for these adolescents, their children and their families as well as school decision-makers regarding resource allocation and planning of service provision. By providing local and relevant data produced with the direct input of those living through this experience the project aims to contribute to a body of knowledge understanding why student mothers may not remain connected to education. A longer-term aim is to generate knowledge that will support student mothers to remain connected and engaged in meaningful education supporting their longer term aspirations and well-being.


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